Future Dreams - Mixtape SDT-014

Future Dreams - Mixtape SDT-014

We have curated an extraordinary mixtape featuring a collective of exceptional artists, all united by the spirit of giving. Every single purchase of this release will contribute to a noble cause, as all proceeds will be donated to the Coalition for the Homeless. But that's not all—we are committed to going the extra mile by matching every dollar spent on your purchase.

The Coalition for the Homeless stands as a remarkable not-for-profit advocacy group. They have been at the forefront of groundbreaking litigation, safeguarding the rights of homeless individuals, including the fundamental rights to shelter and to vote. Moreover, they tirelessly champion long-term solutions to address the complex issue of homelessness.

Side Eternal

Daydreamer - Space
Slide - Loss
Doused - Glue
Sleepwalk - Bumblebee
Turquoise - Touch of Life
Heavytrip - Weighed Down
No Lights - Of Knives
Petal Head - Over the Wall
Daze - Joven

Side Bliss

Catholic School - Needle in the Storm
Executioner's Mask - Wasting Away (House of Harm Remix)
VALI S.C - Trans
Don't Get Lemon - Autocratic Gore
The True Faith - In Vain
Topographies - Illusion of Control
Vacío Eterno - Creature
Locust Revival - A Mess
Funeral Date - Saturday Night

Each cassette is hand dipped in marbling paint for added aesthetic.

Artwork: Smoking Room
Layout: Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunder
Mastering: Red Door Studios

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